No project here just a bit of fun and practice. I downloaded some of the models from DMIand imported the lightwave file in to blender. I then took the downloads apart to study how they were built (all triangles yuk!) and used the parts as templates to construct new models based on the original DMI models.

Notes; no tyre textures at the moment just a black material. The engine is not real just a ‘fantasy’ engine.

As well as using the DMI models as templates I also created loads of original components from scratch like; the engine, skull & cross bones bodywork, the exhaust pipes, cab interiors, suspension, details and a few other bits and bobs.


…lol. Great art by the way.

That stuff is amazing man. I love the model-car idea you’ve got going.

Thanks you two, a few more images follow;


These are great. Are you going to post a hotrod you built from scratch? I’d love to see some progress on yours. Good luck.

very cool, I want the top right one!

3dmedieval; cheers, I was thinking about making a model of this one, see the photo. It’s a crazy looking thing, almost looks broken in the middle.

Romeo; that’s my favorite as well and as its international talk like a pirate day, a good choice, here is a better image.


Sorry Romeo you said right not left DOH! so here is another version of the one you meant


Yea…the hotrod staff car is my favorite. I also really dig the skull and crossbones one. That other car does look broken…