hotspots script gone?

Hi, just going through some script links & I noticed the hot spots script has vanished. ,not on Mariano’s site.
Has the script been permanently shelved?
That would be a pity, I for one really like this script.
Of all scripts that add functionality to the interface I always believed that Hot Spots had the most potential as a either a permanent fixture in Blender as an Interface Option, or to be furthered by adding more ‘hotspots’ along the top to give easy access to blender’s functions. It could, with some work be a great option for menu access for people like me who are not interested much in radial menu’s, or to put it better, as an alternative option.
So any info?
Also would Mariano mind if I rehosted/rereleased the script under gpl so it could be worked on further if you no longer wish to. so it’s not lost forever?
Also seems an large amount of work to simply discard.