hottest video game character

christie montiero from tekken
and for some reson
and aya from parasite eve

please visit:

Did you mean

in response to pointless thread
how bout the sassy red head before she had a mouth

More like a nerd to me.

I’d like Keira from Jak and Daxter if she didn’t have the funny ears and green hair. I think I still prefer Lara Croft in the fmv where she comes out of the sea in her wetsuit. I don’t like the new Lara, though - too gothic. The beach volleyball girls just look too fake. Maybe the girl from Alone in the Dark: The new nightmare.

Tifa Lockheart (and she looks even hotter on FF7:AC).

Definitely Princess Toadstool.

Damn you Bowser!!!

Can I say Yeesha without being smacked?

That link doesn’t work. :expressionless:

lara? goth!? <- she is

now then, what about ulala?

why yes, in that last one is a surprizing likeness to that thing that was born a black boy and grew up as an ugly white woman

It’s got to be one of the gals from the dead or alive series… depending on your taste :wink:

lara? goth!?[/quote]

check out:
I think she looks a bit gothic anyway. If you can’t see the site, search for tomb raider the angel of darkness in google.

I forgot about Bloodrayne, she’s hot. Shame it was such a bad game.

That first girl’s nice, don’t like the second, though. I’m glad you’ve posted pics - it really helps. Even with google, I’m finding it hard to get pics of in-game characters.

I like the girls from Dead or Alive too.

Princess Toadstool?? What were you thinking TheChief? Actually I had a thing for her when I was younger and more into Nintendo games. I think it was more her innocence than her looks that was appealling.

Also, try here for yeesha pics:
I think she’s a bit young PlantPerson, smack, smack :slight_smile: Also, she’s real, I’m not sure if that counts.

Hey, do you think we should have a virtual beauty competition to see who can make the most attractive female model in Blender?

Yeesha is from… eehh… MYST :expressionless:

O-kay…What’s with the " :expressionless: "?

yeah that sounds cool. if only i can model. do you have any pointers?

Miss Pacman. :stuck_out_tongue:


Generally… gamers HATE Myst.

And that’s Ms. Pac-Man, not Miss Pac-Man.

Call me weird, but I’m not a fan of polygonal girls. Lara has breasts bigger than her head which defy gravity and are inevitably going to cause spinal damage. Actually, due to their gravity defying nature, her back might escape unscathed.

I suppose it seems to me that the personal little quirks of a woman are what causes her to be attractive, not the size of her poorly subsurfaced breasts. But, hell, I’m not thirteen anymore.

I know what you mean. I’m not much into the low poly stuff but I do like the fmv sequences. I think you’re right that Lara’s appeal was partly down to things like the noises she made. I’m not sure Lara’s breasts are bigger than her head, though. I mean, where else on her body can she keep her weapons? That’s why her breasts appear to get bigger the more you play the game - bigger arsenal. :smiley: