Houdini 18.5 Hive

Four hours of demos, but very interesting to see some of the new stuff on H 18.5 in action:

And I’m not sure the Blender devs look at other 3d applications for workflow stuff, but there’s a lot of interesting things going on here that would be good for Blender to assimilate in one form or another :wink:


That’s Blasphemy in the church of Blender. :wink:

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LOL… I know :smiley:

I just keep harassing everybody :wink:

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We have to be careful, they might send the Inquisition to stomp out our little apocryphal sect.

I am installing H18.5 right now - the new pyro tools are awesome. They must have had Michael Bay as an advisor - its so easy now to blow stuff up and make it look awesome while keeping the performance high and RAM usage low.

Same here.
Have been fiddling with the new scatter tools, and happy as a little kid at Xmas :smiley:

But shhhh… We wake up the Inquisition :wink: