Houdini 18.5 sneak peak

Houdini 18.5 Sneak Peek from SideFX Houdini on Vimeo.

What gets me is the KineFX, it looks like Houdini will be the first major software to implement curve based animation. At least, that’s what it looks like to me. We’ll learn more on the 15th and the end of the month


Now that Blender has surpassed Maya ( :slight_smile: ) we can start turning our eyes toward Houdini :wink: :wink: .
In all seriousness, Houdini shows you the power of parametric and procedural tools in an everything-nodes environment. I think Blender is going to eventually get to this level (in terms of and everything-nodes workflow), but Houdini is the top of the heap right now IMO.


I’m going to take your comment on Maya as a tongue in cheek joke…
And Blender will have to go a long way before it can surpass Houdini. Even with everything nodes.

Houdini isn’t really a 3D application, it basically is a 3D operating system. :wink:

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I was joking yes… well, mostly. I know Blender has a long way to go to surpass Houdini… but anything is possible, especially since Blender makes Autodesk nervous.

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AD already responded by making Maya very affordable for freelancers. It’s a no brainer tbh…
And Maya is still the undisputed king of studios all over the world. Animation basically means Maya.

I agree that Blender has some great workflow for things that in Maya are hair loss infuriatingly stupid, but Blender doesn’t trump Maya yet. It will take some time. I’m really interested though how Everything Nodes will turn out. :slight_smile:

Wow, a new animation system. Quick, “animation 2020” !

SideFX are doing an amazing job with both the software and providing a good learning environment for people who want to learn how to use it. Houdini would be very hard for Blender to surpass or even equal and it would take some serious Autodesk-style phoning it in and stagnation from SideFX for Blender to have a chance.

Having said that, I’m still really looking forward to seeing what everything nodes is capable of, and I’m expecting it to be good because Jaques did a very nice job with Animation Nodes and I’ve also heard Brecht or someone mention that the plan is to eventually build a more Houdini like architecture, where data is just data and the nodes work upon it in a type-agnostic way. I’m guessing that must be quite far in the future, though.

Houdini 18.5 looks absolutely staggering. What a keynote that was.

Someone should send the Maxon CEO a copy with the words, ‘This is what you call an update and BTW freelancers can use it for $200/yr!’

There were some significant features that will be extremely useful in Motion Graphics let alone all the other features. Houdini really is the one App to rule them all.

I bet Embergen were looking at that and thinking…drat!

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This is so true !!!

Just finished watching the video, and it’s becoming the Director’s dream application.
Infinite tweaking in real time, all driven by procedural rules or manual input.

Animation (Targeting) looks really promising, and takes away some of the grip[es I have/had with animating in Houdini.
And I love the new scatter tools. Yes, you can roll your own, but having base nodes that can do 70-80% of the work already is really nice.
Modeling gets better every new release, and more user friendly as well.
All the other stuff is just mind-blowingly speeding forward…

And Houdini Indie is just a steal price wise… “Houdini<>Blender<>Unreal / Unity” sounds good to me for just a couple of hundred bucks a year :wink:

For me, Houdini and Blender are my two main chicks. I do all modeling, unwrapping, look dev in Blender and everything else in Houdini. I’m just now getting into Unity and eventually Unreal and I’m super excited to see those new tools. Well worth the 269 every year. I can’t wait to test KineFX next week as I’ve had gripes with the tools as well.

Are you talking about the Houdini itselft or the presentation had something specific for Motion Graphics? Sorry, I can’t watch.

Yes new features that will be extremely useful in motion graphics though not specific to motion graphics.

If you get a chance watch the presentation it’s impressive.

I wish I had the money to upgrade to 18.5 but I don’t so it’ll have to be an aspiration for the foreseeable future.

Yes and no. We’re happy we’ve forced their hand to go towards real-time workflows and it benefits everyone. We’re still in beta and have plenty of incredible things coming up to one up them. Houdini is notoriously difficult to use, where as you can pick EmberGen up in less than 15 minutes. Time will tell :slight_smile:

Good luck.

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I like what you’re doing.

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