Houdini 18 Launch

Some amazing stuff wow.


I need to learn Houdini :open_mouth:

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Do it! It’s my favorite package next to Blender :slight_smile:


SideFX again is showing AD how updates are handled :smiley:

Amazing new stuff, and a great addition to Blender imho.


If SideFX and Blender Foundation could partner up, they’d be unstoppable.

Looking at the video, it seems the biggest limitation of Houdini right now is not related to the app. at all.

What I mean by that (for example) is that considering how optimized their fluid simulation is now, it looks to me that fast and high-quality iteration of such will simply be impossible as long as our processors are based on silicon. If you’re trying to do crazy VFX and it takes you several days to get something you need to redo, don’t complain to Side FX, but tell Intel and AMD to hurry up on the theoretical wonder-chips based on graphene.

Still, learning for common ppl & its general use are one of main caveats for major adoption…


… will see if & how much did it change after the release.
But for now, there’s no disruption yet, just a simple complementation on & in the sets.

it is known that houdini could be slower in some areas (but they’re getting faster every release - maybe not as fast as they should). They have new bend deformer in 18 btw ))
But all that slower performance is fully compensated with flexibility and automation that isn’t possible anywhere else.
For example:
if you just need to bend deform only one highpoly mesh - max will do it faster.
But if you need to apply random amount of bend deform to 200 different highpoly meshes you could build simple network in houdini that will do that automatically.

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yup, only in specific areas :shushing_face::wink:

Obviously he knows how to get the most out of 3Ds Max if he uses it all the time. I could already see that he was using the houdini bend deformer incorrectly, that was also a reeeeeally old build of houdini. 17.5 has been out for months and 18 has just been pushed to studios. 18 also has a new bend sop which is faster etc etc…I mean I could go on here, but those videos always have a bias regardless of your preference as a viewer, and it seems like you’re just enforcing a bias.


sarcastically, I am doing so indeed
in the end in favor of Blender and Houdini…
because, if we don’t reveal such fiascos, things can become myths - in this case, hopefully not :grinning:
but along also pushing for development of forgotten areas and benefit of user awareness