Houdini 2019, is it worth it?

Hello everyone,

I heard that Houdini is the next big thing in 3D industry.
I would love to hear your guys thoughts about it in comparison with our beloved Blender.

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You’re a few years late with this post. There isn’t a single TA team in the professional world that isn’t using Houdini in some capacity today.


Also, IMO Blender and Houdini cover each other’s flaws quite well. (Traditional poly modeling is simpler in Blender, better sim tools in Houdini, etc). They make excellent companions, and if you qualify for the indie license, much cheaper than Maya too.


I second that. I use this combo every day as a freelancer.
Also, Houdini is evolving a lot with every release, and the indie license is a great deal indeed.


It has been the next and the previous big thing for quite a long time :slight_smile:


Houdini is expensive, and mostly used for simulation tools in movie industry. Painting and sculpting tools in Houdini are primitive. Also modeling tools aren’t user-friendly in Houdini.
While Blender brings updates all over the board with the upcoming release.
Comparing Blender and Houdini, Houdini still remains the best now. But with improvements of Blender in 2.81, 2.82 and so on, with the implementation of Mantaflow (better Fluid and Smoke Simulator) in Blender, most people will choose Blender as their own 3d software. I believe, Blender will become the main competitor of Autodesk, Cinema 4D and Houdini.


I´m losing track of all the acronyms. What is TA?

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Technical Artist I think.


Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts on the topic

I got confused with the houdini licenses, Indie license and artist license.
Are rental and perpetual the only difference? Or is there features exist in artist license isn’t in indie?
I’m solo 3D artist (Modeler/Animator) I work alone, also I work on making games UE4
Which license you recommend for me, I appreciate your answer thank you

“Artist” licenses are full price licenses, aimed at big-time freelancers and small studios. (Larger studios would probably opt for the floating license options). Indie licenses are similar to artist licenses of Houdini FX, but are only available to people/entities with less than $100k/year of revenue. There are a handful of functional limits compared the artist licenses, but it’s not something a solo person is going to bump into all that often. There’s a comparison page here. https://www.sidefx.com/products/compare/

Indie is the one you want if you qualify for it. It’s 95% of the functionality of Houdini FX for a fraction of the price. Definitely grab the free apprentice version first to see if you even like it. It has a bit of a learning curve.


But if you get the Indie version you need an extra renderer :frowning:

If I went serious about Houdini , it really takes 8 hours a day learning from
tutorial videos…

In blender you can just try out things, but it isnt same with Houdini

I see Houdini as Hybrid of coding and being an artist

However if you put all your energy to it and and work, it just might be worth the allmost
3K usd.

The problem remains though that the renderer is slooow, it takes forever to render.

I have maxwell renderer but Nextlimit didnt agree to give me exporter : ( :frowning: :frowning: just said unsupported V2 :frowning:

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