Houdini Apprentice HD Released!

SideFX has released a version of Houdini apprentice which includes all of the master versions goodies, with no watermark on the final render. It renders at full HD settings, for a small fee of $99 for non commercial work for the pleasure.

Houdini’s software is with out a doubt very complex, and for the the full version Master, which costs $7,000+

Just a great bargin for any wishing to use the technology used in hollywoods movies for a fraction of the cost.

November 15, 2007 – Side Effects Software, an industry leader in 3D Animation software, is breaking down barriers by eliminating the industry standard watermark from its new High Definition Houdini Apprentice package, a $99 version designed for artists and enthusiasts who want to develop personal CG projects and portfolios.
Watermark-Free Renderings
“Learning and trial versions of 3D Animation software have always come with lots of limits such as annoying watermarks that blemish the artist’s work,” says Kim Davidson, President and co-founder Side Effects Software. “With Houdini Apprentice HD we have taken away the watermark and put our focus on giving artists, enthusiasts and students the perfect tool for developing personal art and animation on a shoestring budget.”
Houdini Apprentice HD will render still images at any resolution and animations at a maximum resolution of 1920x1080. The new Houdini Apprentice HD uses the same non-commercial file format as Houdini Apprentice and artists can share files between the two versions.

Here is the link