Hey guys, any one of you ever stumbled upon this?“Houdini” seems nice but not near as great as BLENDER!!!.

Thought i might share.:eyebrowlift:


Most people know about Houdini. Very few people know about blender though. And it’s really costly too. I think Blender is much better than any other 3D software.

oh rite…:yes: yeah blender is much better (no denying it:eyebrowlift2:) But i only just heard about this houdini.

What else is out there?

I tried out a demo of houdini. its pretty tough to get into it though they recently went through an interface change. as far as VFX goes fluids, particles etc Houdini is ahead of Blender by quiet a margin.

Houdini is…incredible. I’ve been struggling with the interface/modelling etc for a long time. but I can see it’s potential. It’s all based on procedural modelling, so your entire project can be amended historically. The personal learning edition is absolutely free and the community is brilliant. I urge anyone interested in CGI (special effects is what Houdini is known for) to have a look.

Houdini is a great 3D software. It uses a procedural workflow with amazing nodes. Houdini and RealFlow are a good options for VFX. Houdini, in my opinion, has a weak point: less documentation/community than others apps like Blender. If I have to choice one of them I will choice blender because it is free, fast, perfect for the things that I need to do and because the excelent community support (in blender when you don’t know to do something you write your question in this forum and in minutes you can get help).

I took a course using Houdini a few years ago and thought it was an amazing program. The procedural set up is extremely cool, but the work flow isn’t for everyone. It is probably the best program out there for doing FX work hands down. Sadly it’s way beyond my price range, and I don’t need most of what it can do anyway.

Darn, you beat me to making this thread! LOL

I downloaded the free demo version about three weeks ago. I think it is a little bit more powerful than Blender, and it’s node based workflow is very interesting, and I hear it’s very powerful. It also has the answer to the quest many Blender users have been looking for: smoke and fire simulation. I would like to use Houdini for the things Blender can’t do, but it doesn’t export in any format. To be honest, I like Houdini not as much as Blender, because I have become very comfortable with the Blender interface. Also, I’m not very good with nodes, and I still need to learn how to use them. Overall, I like Blender’s workflow much better than Houdini’s, but Houdini seems much more powerful. Houdini seems to have less features, but makes up for it in the fact you can add a code to almost every parameter that has a text box. Blender, on the other hand, has a very user-friendly workflow, and a few less features with dynamics, but it’s very easy to use (I’ve been using Blender for 2 years, and it’s hard to remember what it was like being a n00b in Blender).

You kidding, Houdini is just about the king of VFX and several other areas in CGI. It even surpasses Maya and XSI in a number of things as it seems to look. The updates are impressive as well. Autodesk would be running for its money if the master version didn’t have such an incredibly high price tag.

I though you were talking about the magician guy…
Lol. I don’t know almost anything about commercial software. Just heard about 3DSMAX, C4D, and ZBrush, I just got my hands over Photoshop once.

What about Lightwave? I heard it’s the top dog.

Oh my god, I actually agree with Cyborg Dragon!


Not sure about that. From what I’ve heard, the “top dogs” i.e programs with the best feature set/ workflow/potential) are, in no particular order:

3DS Max

of course, these are all-rounders, rather than specific sections of a workflow i.e. zbrush, mudbox etc etc etc.

And CD - I agree with you too, although it pains me deep in my icy black heart to admit it:D