I house-sat for a buddy of mine recently and had some time to hang with his basset hound.

This may stay in the WIP state for a while; all my attempts at the dog’s fur, with static particles, leave him looking too fluffy and hide the model too much. I’ll probably have to do it with a textures and then add some fur to the contours with post-pro. Anyway, C&C welcome, as well as any fur suggestions.

Its really beautiful dude I like it :smiley: but the only thing there is bothering me is the eyes, dont know why but they look to open to me, but any way better than my little popydog :stuck_out_tongue:

Its looking good, Zbgump. Yep, fur has got me stumped as well. But the real challenge would be, how to give your dog fur without killing your computer.

Mmmm… theres always the Landis feather/fur option. theres a thread on the Landis tutorial somewhere on this site. Good luck! If you succeed let me know. :smiley:

Beautiful model Dude :smiley: I did a dog too and I’m wondering how you did your fur. Is it procedural ? IMO, it’s a good base to start painting fur over (that’s what Im gonna do).

See [email protected]

I would be interested in the texture as well. I think using it for a guide in POST is a great idea.

I like it a lot. I acually have a basset hound. The ears rest a little bit closer to the head but other than that its really cool.


for fur you might have to ad really small particals with a short life so they dont get real long but well then you wont be able to do any animations with it if i come to another conclusion i will post

Thanks for all the comments so far. :slight_smile:

The texture is UV mapped, painted in GIMP. Bascially I just added noise, then did motion blurs at an angle so the “fur” would flow in the correct direction on the model. Then I used the iWarp filter to make it more wavy; for photoshop users, iWarp is comparable to liquify.

Heres an update on the textures.

big improvement from the first

Most impressive. Zbgump, that looks excellent! First rate effort.

That’s a sweet looking dog. I’ll have to breakdown and do mine now. Hehe. That should be good practice.

Very good texture work, and good modeling.

hehe cute dog :stuck_out_tongue: very good texture and model