hourglass ...... spawned from a post a few days ago

Hi all… here’s an hourglass I did after seeing one posted a few days ago. Took about an hour and 10 min. I think.

the image on top…


Loving the wood texture, very photo real :o
The particle sand looks a bit thick, I think… have you tried parenting it with a lattice?
you can get better control of “flow” that way

Great site btw, especially the painting replica… nice trick with the Camera 8)

Ya, thats the one thing I’m unhappy with, the sand falling, it is too thick, but I didnt want to mess with it all night, I’ll try the lattice though. Thanks :slight_smile:


I understand, no prob. :wink:

Keep it up, it’s great otherwise
You could just render it with the top empty, save some time 8)

render the top empty??

the only particles there are the ones falling to the bottom sand



I suggest a fancy bevel on the top and bottom pieces. Easy to make and it will make the detail level more consistent.
Perhaps depressions for the ends of the glass to rest in as well, to make it more stable.

  1. pofo

oh ya, good idea man, thanks :slight_smile:



but, yes, parent particles to a lattice which get thinner as it gets down…

And top sand shoud have a conical pit in it

really good


it was my hourglass ?? I saw yours after
we have chatted a bit these last weekend… :wink: nice work !!


Nice, very nice

It’s better than most of the 3D hourglasses I’ve seen.

Some points of criticism and pointers:

  • the texture looks obviously stretched along the Y axis

     you probably want those darker lines to go straight down
     (as if they are notches) but maybe you could fix the obvious
     stretched look by adding another texture on top of it that isn't
  • people are saying the sand looks thick :slight_smile:

     I think that could be made more realistic looking by adding a
     transperacy map to the sand which makes the center area more

Good luck with it

  • Stungun