Hourglass - WIP

(sten) #1

Hey all…My inspiration to create any 3D content lately have been devistating, it was as if I died inside when NaN went Bankrupt,
not that I think it was anything linked to that particular,. maybe spring did its hard thing to me…and decided to make my 3D sence rest a bit…
and I have also started to scetch again by hand with graphitepen (haven’t done it since 15-18 years back) as a hobby it is very relaxing actually…
like it even more that to read a book, I might end up as a ordinary artists lol , well, it is great for concept stuff anyhow…

But here is the latest thing I have been creating, it is still in WIP and it is not finished and this scene/pic will end up in a magazine that I am together with other people to create a mag for easy reading and the subject the first number is TIME…I haven’t worked that many hours to create it , and that feels good consider I haven’t worked with 3D at all in more than over a month because of lack of inspiration, I have worked with this scene in a few hours in 2 nights…(this included), the hardest part has been to create almost realistic glass and it have been ONLY rendered in Blender !! not any external render is in this work…here it goes, I hope you like my first work of this model

/ztonzy 8)


(digitalSlav) #2

not bad although i would change the wood texture. maybe find a tex map off the net or something so it looks more realistic. maybe add some scroll work to the bases… they seem a little plain. nice work… sand coming?

(sten) #3

well, as I said, it is the first pic and not finished in a long, and I will work more with the wood , this is only a procedual texture :smiley:

and the woodpieces could indeed need some work though

yes sand will come later on, I wish I had the Dynamica-plugin now,
but I don’t belive it is released yet :frowning:

but thanks for that you like it :slight_smile:


(S68) #4


The glass look really nice (for being not a raytracer :stuck_out_tongue: ) wood need a little work (not only texturing, also some bevels in the bases…)

I can’t tell exacly but I can’t see the thin line of sand dripping from upper to lower part, is it there?

Keep it up

(Who will send you a lightflow hourglass as soon as he manages to have a decent sand material ;))

(rixtr66) #5

nice work!i agree a better wood tex would be great,the glass is good
it lacks somthing though,but thats o.k.glass in blender is a cast iron bitch.


(sten) #6

thanks guys :wink:

no, there is still no sand, as I have said, it will come and I would love to try out the Dynamica for this piece of scene, but I haven’t it though :frowning:

yes yes…better wood will come,
and also I will work some more with the ornaments or what it is called…

yes, glass is hard in Blender and I don’t know if I will use external renderer to this,
I might…maybe Blenderman/BMRT, but I don’t know if
it will turn out good…maybe Stefano can help with the LFexport ;),
but it is also nice to only use Blender as it will be sport to not use another
tool for this scene…


(sten) #7

Ok, I have worked a bit with the glass but mostly with the wood material,
and I will also work with new beveled rods and discs at bottom and at the top…and sand will come as a last thing, here is the update…suggestion is appricated:


(BgDM) #8

Getting better ztonzy!

Wood could use a bump map maybe, or some scuff marks. Make it look older?


(S68) #9

And some sand in it!

Unless of course there is some metaphisical implication (eternity? infinity? Space-time wrap???)


(sten) #10

yes yes…I will work with it deeper next time…
do some more delightful shapes and try out some sand
with particles/duplivert or something…
and better woods and even more bumps :smiley:


(S68) #11


My version


Do you like the wood texture?


(sten) #12

did you take my post ggrr :x ??

well :slight_smile: …can’t see ny wood texture in your pic, it seems all is made
in glass…but very cool done in Lightflow !! (i want to use LF as well !! :frowning: )

but I like your pic…don’t know if I can make it as realistic as you… :frowning:

(belac) #13

very nice, a lot of improvement in the texturing! keep it up.


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