Hourglass WIP

Been working on this today. Based it off of an hourglass that I own. I’m having issues with UV maping a wood texture of mine to it but I’m hoping to get that figured out tomorrow as I’m tired of looking at it right now.

Rendered in Cycles at 1000 samples took 48 minutes and it’s still noisy in the glass and I think the background. Not sure if rendering it out at just 50% had anything to do with it.


Finally got a wood texture UV mapped properly though I do think my image texture is still huge. I wonder what a good size for a texture image should be. I’ll have to render it out later at 2000 samples to see if that will get rid of more of the noise in the glass and the background. Then I’ll work on filling it with sand with the information presented to me in my particle thread and see how that goes and if I can get it to make it look nice.

Looks like I’ll need more work on the UV seam on 2 of the columns and the bottom base and upper part needs the UV moved because it looks like there’s debris on it. Rendered out in Cycles 2000 samples at 50% at 1 hour 41 minutes the glass still has noise in it. I’m wondering how many samples it’s going to take to have noise free glass.

I’m going to work on something else for a while then come back to this one. I’m liking what it could become just needs some tweaks.

I really like the glass material looks quite real, however the wood is a little off I went ahead and pointed out some things that could be fixed in the wood texture, otherwise modeling looks fine and I love the glass material and it’s very nice lighting ! :slight_smile:

P.S. The circles are for parts that don’t blender in the texture

Thanks Pete I too love how the glass turned out. Slowly working towards getting uv mapping figured out. I separated the outer edge of the wood from the top and bottom. I’ll look at it again and see what’s going on because I couldn’t remember if I scaled the uv’s up on the image on that part. I was trying cylindar projection before that but it swirled up on the top and looked silly. I’m going to look up some other uv unwrapping techniques and try them out.

I’ll work on fixing that then try 3000 samples to see if the glass won’t be so noisey. I was trying to use the built in wood texture in cycles but couldn’t figure out how to get it to work or if it even does work yet. I’ll probably hunt that down too.

Thanks again I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I fixed the columns but the top and base wood texture still isn’t good enough. Rendered out at 2000 samples again at 50%. I either need a new graphics card to use the gpu or something else IDK as I’m not very techy with drivers and that lot.

For now I’m just going to take it into Photoshop and get it sized up for my monitor. I’ll come back to it at a later date when I can take myself a better wood texture, add sand and hopefully be able to render out a full sized image quicker.