Hours Past artwork

This is some artwork i did for my band, Hours Past. I hope you like it, only took me a few hours to do last night.

Rendered in blender internal and post processed in Photoshop CS

There are three slightly different versions so your comments and preferences are much appreciated!

Title - “Now I see the light”




C & C please

You must have compressed fairly high --there are some severe compression artifacts dominating the mist…

I like the bottom one best. Something about the heavily saturated yellow turns me off… the grayer version feels better --it fits the palette of the rest of the image better… Well done.

I’ll place a second vote for the desaturated one. It just feels stronger. I would say, though, that at this point you should probably avoid obsuring the name of your band too much. Maybe shift things around so it’s more apparent that the “t” in “past” is there.