House 2000BC - Middle East

Hey guys,

I’m trying to build a scene from the middle east.

This is my hand drawn blueprint:


Now my first try ended up as a complete failure in my eyes:


Since I seem to have absolute no talent in texturing the scene, I tried the “Freestyle” approach:

I have severel problems with that scene:

a) In the moment I add colors, it’s ruined. :eek: Anyone out here with more talent / suggestions?

b) I used particle emitter to place some stones there (object group). But I cannot get them to be 100% on the surface, they seem to be a little below the surface.

c) I seem to be missing some props / stuff at the house on the right side. I placed a broken vase near the stairs but that doesn’t cut it. I think especially the windows need some cloth / wood/something. Any ideas?

d) You wanna play with the blend file? No problem:

Any help, especially on the texturing / colors / props part, is greatly appreciated!

texturing in first pic dont seem so bad…whats your lighting setup?

Id suggest using a HDRI background, and a sun lamp to give some nice shadows. I wouldn’t give up with the textured version…wasm’t so bad :slight_smile:

you need to consider that windows at that time isn’t cut-clean put some variation in it.