House by nighttime

I made a house this weekend:
It´s my first work ever, what do y´all think?
I´ve been working with blender for a week or so.

edit:hope this works

edit2: update of the picture, with osa. (Thx uli)
edit3: added picture of the front

Broken image :frowning:

wich means?

either you did not insert an image or your link is broken. edit your entry… and we can see it

Looks good, but try turning OSA (oversampling) on in the rendering options.

Update-see first post.

Update-see first post.
edit: added picture of the front

howto learn blender :).
don’t spend too much time on details… just try the diffrent tools/effects/modes/whatever. e.g. take a uv-sphere or a monkey and try your luck with materials and stuff.

the house looks pretty "cube"ish :wink: keep motivated…! that’s the most important point.

Try changing some of those lamps to Spotlights so you can play with shadows.
The modelling is basic of course but we all have to start somewhere! :smiley:
Keep at it!

Looks good. All I’d reccommend is to turn down the specularity on the materials so everything doesn’t have that plasticky look. Otherwise, very nice. I love how light eminates from the windows… nice touch.

Cool, but you should take that light back from the roof.