House call!

This is both a work in progress and a quest for some answers.

This scene is out of a book I’m writing where the mercenaries hired to perform a “snatch and grab” on a high profile criminal have decided to take him down not by climbing 100+ floors in a heavily guarded building but blowing the windows out where he is and taking him down from there.

Problem came in when I tried to use the explode modifier. Here are the steps I took:

  1. create a vertex group for the windows I want blown in. (after subdividing them into small pieces)
  2. create a particle system and assigned the vertex group to the particle system
  3. add the explode modifier

when I ran the simulation the whole building “exploded.”

So… whet did I miss?


What I’m guessing is weightpainting it. You keep your vertex groups and everything assigned and have the windows selected. Then you go into weight paint mode. There you pick the default brush (the one thats aready selected) and paint over those areas you dont want to explode. They’ll turn red.

I think that should do the trick. I had to do something similar on my WIP.
Might be wrong but we’ll see. If it is I’m sorry. I’m still fairly new to Blender.