House Elf

Hello everyone! This is my House Elf model through the stages, I started this last night after I was inspired by watching the 7th Harry Potter (Part 1) and also by BlenderCookie’s tutorials let me know what you think and how I can Improve, Thanks!

Edit: Please help with the room one & see the last post for more details, C&C would be amazing :slight_smile:

one more :slight_smile: :

hahaha dobby! nice work. did you sculpt this with blender or an external sculpt software [ i.e. Sculptris / mudbox / zBrush ] ??

Blender alll the way! And you know what’s funny? I made this with just a couple references of Dobby for head size and stuff but then I was surprised to see that it actually does look like Dobby, weird how that works haha

Some wires fo you!

Last picture for now, this is of the High-res i got the normal maps from:

I think this looks pretty awesome and ready for some rigging, but let me know what you think, please!

I really like it model itself is great. Textures are also very good. But for some reason im not seeing all the detail i know is there, i cant seem to explain it. maybe change the background color to something lighter it seems the mesh is dark and that mixes with the world color

Will do! and thanks for the response, as you can see i havn’t gotten much feedback on this yet!

Here ya go!

Also BA shrinks the images so i posted them on Deviantart to, heres the link:

To address this issue, try applying this tutorial on lighting to your model;

Also BA shrinks the images . . .
To see full sized versions of images, just click on them(twice)! :slight_smile:

Thanks, i will fix the lighting when I’m done with the rest of the model which should be soonish, lots of distractions right now though and I’m helping with a game project but thank you! And I also didn’t know that you could double click them haha thanks!

He’s got a body!!!

Lemme know what you think! And a lot of this is still in progress like the shoes and lack of nails but i’m getting there!

My favorite part about your house elf is the little fuzzies on the top of his head. It makes me chuckle =)

Haha I like them to

quick update and people please lemme know what sucks about it!

i had to make this one smaller cause was 2mb big, and notice his shoes are better AND his skin is paler, i know intense stuff :slight_smile:

this one is a close up of the face to see a bit more detail than you would from far away

Another update! he’s got nails now and I’m trying out the gamma node and lighting shtuff

Hey if a mod sees this can you please move this the WIP forum?? I don’t really think this is the right place for this project right now, thanks! :slight_smile:

He’s got a rig now! there are still a couple of weight issues though that i’ll get to later

here’s another update, i made better shoes for him and also better more human-like nails (not seen in the picture)

An image/example of my elf’s rig, also i think he needs a name, any suggestions??