House in mountains

Not sure if my work is liable for posting in the forums with the other great art works :frowning: Hopefully, one day I dream to be closer to the experts.

The 3D model was made by my architect friend in Sketchup. I’ve just textured and rendered it. Some PP was done in Gimp.



You just need more samples to make a realistic scene, the leaves floating on the pool look like if were toys and the chairs are pasted on the floor. Keep working and You will do it.

Juanrav; are you sure this is the case for the floating objects, they seem a bit too fake to be unintentional in my view.

It’s not bad when you consider that you’re just starting out in Cycles, the only thing that really sticks out other than the noise is that the pool currently looks as if it’s just a few inches deep.

Yes, with an image texture those floating objects could be better, but now it look like if them were of this material:

I´m not sure, I think it is caled foam, and I thought the pool was one of those sallows pools:

Juanrav/Ace dragon, thats true. The leaves are not textured and they are as is from Sketchup. The chairs are supposed to be polycarbonate material but yes, its not yet too realistic.

EDIT: Its only a shallow water body and not a pool.

Thanks for your tips!