House in Silesia

My entry for the Andrew Price Architecture Academy Competition

ooook … I like this job


Thanks Warcos for kind words :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Really nice render! Well done. Could you share how many particles you’ve used for achieving this greenery effect :slight_smile: I like it a lot! And also the overall looking is super nice! I’m not sure only about the resolution, looks a bit noisy at some places…

Perfect! Nice design, excellent modelling, render looks great! 10/10. Only comment is path looks slippery when wet - dangerous?

Thanks for Your comments Guys…
ivaydesign - to be honest I don’t remember… it was something around 300k manually created strands (If You’re asking about the grass) and this noise come out when the render was almost ready (textures are not good enough) but I did not have the time to start it again (it took 40 hours)
MtnViewDesigns - I have made paths a little bit reflective couse without this they were very boring :slight_smile: