House In the Beach!

Hi everyone!

I have done it whith blender 2.62 ,Cycles render and some changes in Gimp 2.6

i hope u like it!!

“Iam sorry for my bad english”


not too shabby. The only crit I can think of is that the background doesn’t seem to be as high-res as the rest of the image. But overall it has a great feel.

It looks real apart from the background. :slight_smile:

Very nice!
Yeah background isn’t the appropriate one, though position is good (horizon)
Be more careful on PP (gimp) you almost ruined it (gradient mask, color or linear burn mode)

Thats right about the background, should be an higher res one
But I really really like the light you got, like the 2pm really hot sun in that kind of place
How did you light your scene?
Nice wood texture btw!
I m not a big fan of the chairs however, i think the feets are too skinny.
Last stuff : what are the black things on the ceiling? Lamps?

Good work overall :wink:


Great ceiling and floor and the ‘glow’ on the shelf is a really nice touch.

good job the background is too bright but in genral nice work