House in the Snow

Hey Community,

my first Post ever. Thought I might give Blender 3.0 a go today and came up with this. I would love to hear some feedback :slight_smile:

Still have to put some snow on the house and give the snow besides the main way more detail.


Can you share more about the assets - especially trees and people?

I can only guess, cause I am not at home atm. But since I dont have so many paid objects I am pretty sure that the people are from an Humano bundle and the big snowy trees are from Botaniq. Other props like the snow etc. are from megascans.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

how did you do the snow ?

bump map or real mesh ?

remember BLGuru did some snow like that with steps LOL

happy bl

Hey @RickyBlender, the detailed snowpacks left and right of the round and the snow besides the walkway are meshes from megascans. The rest are just textures on sculpted meshes.

Also the steps are nothing more then just a texture. :wink: