House in the woods

Hi guys,

House in the Woods in non-commercial project whicch I made to check hair participles in Corona. I was focused on enviromment. Ivy was made by Ivy genrator addon, trees are from Evermotion Cycles pack, Grass essensials came from another plants from the Architecture Academy by Andre Price, Stone from 3d-sky with declimating. Used Textures from

Used Software:
Blender 2.78c
Corona Standalone 1.6

Highres and more photos at

Let me know what do you think about it:) I’m wating for C&C

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I like it a lot. The only thing that bothers me is that the walls are dirty only at the top and bottom edges but they’re clean everywhere else.

Thank you for you feedback. That’s true, now when you mention it i know that I should add more dirt, for sure in the ivy’s spots.

How did you make the wall grunge with corona? Did you use layered material?

very nice, as grass is quite big part of image I would work on it little bit more

In this case I baked the texture in Cycles. Currently I’m using layered materials - is much faster and work much better:)

Wow, nice. Can I see the node setup?

Thanks:) I do not have time to make description to nodes, I hope that is enough for you. make sure that opacity map is black/white without alpha -black is transparent, white is material

Thank you very much!

Love it. Looks very realistic except the walls. Or leave all the surface clean or dirt erything in different degree.