House in Village . . . 1st of 10

This is what I got up to in the last few days … . I want to make 9 more homes in this style, so as I get up to speed, they will be done quicker. Then I will make a village setting with this houses …

Some of the materials is sourced from freeware - sorry I can’t remember the author but it’s called “oldtree” - so plagerised and I apologise to the author for not truly crediting him/her.


Here’s another one - I kind of used mostly textures and materials for this, should go back to the old system. Never mind. 8 more houses to go.


Here’s the 3rd one.

I need to get back to basics with the textures and stuff … The next one will be pretty much on similar to the first one.


House 4&5 …


Well let’s see.

After posting 6,700 times showing little Blender work it’s about time you’re doing something with somewhat decent modeling and texturing in places.

The 4th house doesn’t really match the style of the others, it looks like the textures are painted so it’s not consistant if you’re putting the houses together.

All-in-all, you really need to work on more detail in the models, better textures, and much better lighting, this may be harsh, but if you work on these things this project could look really good.

Wow Dragon you are a douche.

Sorry if I came off too harsh, but you would think members would expect more from him considering what he says his age is and the number of posts he has. Some of the members has called him a spammer in the past and many have put him on their ignore list, it’s just that they may be disappointed when they see this.

Not that he can’t become a really good artist, the basic house designs could look quite good with a bit of time and skill put into them.

Thanks CD - your blunt honesty is just what I needed.

I will now go into one of the houses I made . . . and mediate.

And no douche bagging no dragons thank you!

Once I’ve finished meditating, I will come and spam some more.

By the way, I also put a couple of images on the traditionally section too, so feel free to comment on those, I may need to spam some more to get my post counts higher.

And yeah . . . my post counts is my badge of honour, so slagging it will only get me responding more and the vicious cycle (for you anyways will continue …)

Shall we joust in the off-topic section ?