House interior - doll house style

Ive started yet another project, i’ve been wanting to do a house interior and while searching for images i came across a picture of a dolls house which inspired me to start this project.

Currently I’m just blocking in and getting the dimensions as accurate as possible.
I plan to add one more floor above the top and then an attic above that.
Each room is on its own layer so i dont get to distracted/overwhelmed.

Eventually i will add the details like pipes and insulation between walls and floor boards, and make the basement be surround by earth etc like a true cut-thru/cross-section

I have a few ideas for this, so I think once its all fully blocked in i will save a copy and then model 2 versions.

-The first will be nice and clean, well decorated, modern etc etc A nice home.
-The second will be abandoned and left to rot, peeling paint, boarded up windows, evidence of homeless/squatters, vandalism, drug users etc. Not a very nice place at all.

Should be quite a contrast

Added the top floor and made changes to some rooms and walls, just the attic left to do now and the i can start adding things

Attic added, looked at images for the beams but not quite happy with the shape yet, they may change eventually, but its close to what i had imagined.
Also added some support pillars into the basement area.

Started texturing the attic.
It looks a little flat so i need to make some adjustments

Added some more roof structures in the attic and extended + textured the basement.
Also created a conservatory using the window addon…

Definitely making progress now

Been working on the stairs, adding sides and railings etc, the light wood texture is much to big and needs to be changed/scaled down, but its the right colour that i want

tweaked a few things and added some temporary colour to the walls so i could see the door frames and ceilings better

Added light fittings and windows, tweaked a few more things and finshed adding door frames

Just noticed that the arched window on the stairs has a much thinner frame than the others, need to fix this, and maybe add some other detail to it, not sure if it should be divided or just one single pane of glass like it is now,

Added skirting boards and done some more tweaking, plus changed up the colours in the rooms while i work out what each room will be.

QUESTION: Currently the windows mainly just reflect the blackness. How would I make the reflections appear how they would if the house was whole? Is there a way to add a plane that is invisible on one side so the camera sees straight through it but can see its reflection in the windows?
Like when you turn on backface culling - i need this in the render if possible

Dolls houses are commonly considered as toys for children, but building and furnishing miniature doll houses is a detailed and adult hobby. The objective of building miniature doll houses is that they should be a perfect miniaturized reflection of home life, and copy every detail as possible. Most adults begin this hobby with casual interest, but once the bug has bitten, it soon becomes a lifelong passion of reproducing, as well as collecting, miniaturized items for these charming little houses. Good job to your miniature.