House interior

I’m working on a scene representing the interior of my house and I decided to share the whole scene with the community.:eyebrowlift:
You can use the scene or any part of it without limitation, even in Your own scenes, if You like what I’m creating.

Just note this:

  • The scene is FAR from being complete. By now only few parts have been finished.
  • The scene can be greatly optimized, so expect some messing and long rendering times.:eek:
  • The scene has been designed for rendering with Yafray.

You can find the file on my site:
In case You have problem finding the right page (most of the site is still in italian, sorry), You can go directly to and click on the download button on the right. The scene with the textures have been compressed in a single zip. The file size is about 5.5MB.

In the same page You can find some image rendered from the scene. I will post new versions every time a new part is completed, but keep in mind that it could take some time between the updates.
Obviously comments are welcome!

:eyebrowlift: :eyebrowlift:

Nice work. The interiors looked very good.

Wow, Its my first time here in this forum and your work is great. Are there any actual pics?

marl, Indianapolis Painting Company