House Interior

An interior of a house. How do I make the wood on the counter not stretched like that?


under texture settings, remember to map your texture as cube, not flat.

Since I’m rendering with Indigo, I don;t think changing the blender material settings will work. Here’s another update:


It would if there is a blender to indigo material converter button as there is in lux…but yeah you can probably fix that in indigo too, i mean the mapping of the texture…or use uv coordinates. But i never used indigo, so just a thought…

I tried UV mapping it differently, but it still won’t work.
Edit: I just realized that I haven’t tried unwrapping on seams. It’s rendering right now, so I’ll see how it turns out.

Here’s a small update. I kind of fixed the UV mapping thing.


your furniture has the hovering problem; you know, it looks like it’s hovering because there’s no shadow on the floor…

The back of the sofa is not usually their most beautiful side ;).
I would change the kitchen cabinet wood by a lighter or darker color to increase the contrast.

Thanks, I never noticed the hovering problem. I haven’t added any lights yet, I’ve just relied on Indigo’s sun. I didn’t notice the contrast issue either, so I’ll fix that too.

Here’s another render with some lights, but I just noticed that the vase actually is hovering! Oops… :o Any suggestions as to what else I could add?


Still not seeing enoguh shadow under the furniture. It would be great if you could add a big hairy foot plunging through the roof! No seriously I think it needs some pictures on the back wall and is there handles on the tap? Other than that it is looking great XD.

Edit: And if you want it to be really original then add papers and toys and stuff. All these house interior renders are to perfect for my liking.

I added some windows in the back, but they’re all still reflective and black, even after recalculating normals. Why is this happening?

Here’s the back windows and a light over the table, but the light looks really weird, like a solid color.
The current light material is lampshade, but I tried milk glass and haribo bears white yellow but the both turned out solid black. How can I fix that?


some of these renders look great :slight_smile: i do have a few remarks

firstly, the dining table, perhaps a little short? and those dining seats look quite uncomfortable.
secondly, that by-table at the window needs some loving, maybe stick something on/in it… like any of the following ( ) it will show there was thought put into the plant choice above mere aesthetics.
lastly (for now), the groove between the floorboards, even with filler applied, will benefit from having a slightly different specularity. If you somehow resist the urge, it will look flat like cheap lino. You might get away with adding a noticable bumpmap between the boards, to accentuate the fact that the floor boards are not printed lino.

and yeah, the back of the couch isn’t gonna make this a monalisa :slight_smile: their position acts as a divider in the room, the question is really: is that desirable? . Consider moving them around

I’m not really sure how to add spec maps to it. How do I do that? I know it uses a b/w image, and I have gimp, but how do I make it?