House mass/ architecture study, rendered in single "cardboard" material

This is a working model to decide how the house will fit the slope and to layout its surroundings.
The house modelling is self-explanatory, worth mentioning technique is aligning images of the line drawings of plans and elevations, to double check with the CAD drawings. Also useful tool is Archipack for adding openings fast.
For fitting to slope my workflow is to layout a simple mesh for the ground using the elevations on the perimeter from the land survey drawing, in fact the local transform orientation directly matches the elevations from sea level, so that no calculations are necessary, whereas the World transformation orientation has a zero at the house floor level (thus any line or vertex on the land mesh can relate directly either to the survey or the house levels). The ground mesh, only has basic subdivisions, where I may actually push/pull to get a basic fit and on top of that, a subdivision modifier makes it responsive to finer manipulation without destroying the topology. For modeling the road and the house plateau earthworks, I added two meshes referenced by Shrinkrap modifiers to control the ground mesh.

And some more shots from cameras:

The first textured view above, is very preliminary and hints only at some final goal, while at the same time illustrates well, how important single material models are for checking the concept before elaborating with materials.

And a short animation video:

View online

I got notice that the video is not playing for someone. Please let me know if this is the case for others, ty


Nice job!

I used to do quite bit of Archviz some years ago and sometimes I miss it, but I used Sketchup and Lumion for the work.

Vid playing for me, just takes a few 2nds to load.