House - my first architectural model

Trees are made with l-system. [email protected]’s fabulous skymap in the background.

I am happy with the result. I know that the grass and road are bad but hey they could be a lot worse. :smiley: I made those textures with the GIMP.

Feel free to comment.


That looks really good! I think the lighting is a little dark (unless it’s a cloudy day :slight_smile: ) But the trees are awesome, how did you do them? I mean, what is that I-system thing?

I got lcd screen … d’oh … so I tend to make pictures too dark.

About the trees: Check this page: All you need to do is to download the script and open the .blend file. Then learn by tweaking. :wink: There’s a lot of parameters to tweak but after a while of tweaking you will get hang of it.