House of Cardboard -> Toon-House

First of all, I haven’t created anything with Blender since my soccer-ball a few years ago. Second, I’ve never done a low-poly scene but I read a very cool Italian tutorial and decided to give it a try.

The tutorial is called “Casetta In Cartone,” which literally means “House of Cardboard.” The word “cartoon” originates from “cartone,” so the title could also be Toon-House. Anyway, you do not need to be able to read Italian to follow the tutorial.

I don’t plan to add anything to the scene, so it’s done.

I can’t blame you for anything! Nice house! :smiley:

Wonderful job texturing! It would be a shame to not see this put to use in a scene. Very stylish.

I agree!! Would you mind sharing the .blend file so us Newbies could disect how you did this?

Scorpius that’s a good model. That’s very clever. I never thought of that. I always had trouble making houses. By looking at your model, I think I can figure out how you made it. I’ll have to give it a go.

I found a link to that tutorial though I can’t read it. Curse my mono-lingual brain!!!

Very resourceful of you, ChrisThom.Scorpious was right, you don’t have to speak Italian to understand it. Besides out of all the languages in the world, Italian is one of the easiest (and nicest) to understand. One of these days I’ll have to get round mastering it. %|

ChrisThom: google translator rocks! - English

That house makes me wanna learn italian. :wink:


Well done.

By the way, what 3D software, if any, are you using these days?

Beautifully done scorpius. No crits at all.


Thanks for the comments.

The modeling was relatively easy. The texturing was the only part that gave me a little trouble, but all the new UV mapping features in the recent releases (especially things like LCSM) made things go smoother/faster. And everything was mapped with real-time UV-coordinates so I could get a live preview of the house in the 3D window.

I should re-model the whole thing again in Wings and re-texture it there as well, but I’ll just end up exporting and rendering with Blender.

You mean besides Blender? %|

You mean besides Blender?[/quote]

Sorry for not being clear. Yes, besides Blender.

I use Blender 99% of the time, Wings 1%. The only others that I’ve tried are Max & LW, but their wierd interfaces are a pain.

Hey thanks. My initial question arose from you stating in the first post:

I thought maybe you had started using another program all together.

I love it… just add a background… dont waste something so good!!.. use it for an animation or game… =D