House of Hungry witches

This is my WIP for Blender Cookie Contest. I think I have time to draw the characters. I spent my time modeling the house and I think this is completed.
Every comments and critiques are welcome. :smiley:

a small detail of the scene. Still working …

updating …

Another update

and another… some ivies on the wall…

She’s the first character… I have to make some others… time is running out.

retro witch…

Not entirely sure what makes her a witch, tbh. Lack of clothes is now a burned-at-stake offence?

Well, this is just a WIP, so not finished yet. And yes, she’ll turn into a witch and of course with appropriate clothing. Wait and you’ll see.

She has pants now. My goal is to create a retrô scene, so I want her to have characteristics of pin up girl.
I need to model the children yet. I also intend to fill the background with building urban and logical, trying to keep the retrô look. :smiley:

medium res (1000 samples) at

a small detail of the scene. Still working …

Still working… I have to put the child in the correct position, add hair and improve the clothes.

Ha. I like the witch in the moon. Didn’t see it at first. Nice touch though.

Thank you Ranger910 :eyebrowlift2:

I like the atmosphere in this. Add something on the background. Maybe some bushes/trees etc. And maybe add something (scary!) on the left side window. It’s now a bit dull. The flying witch is a nice touch!

Hey IconW, you got it. That was exactly what I was thinking … If time permits I will put a child trapped in a cage on the left side window …
The boy will not be alone. I plan to do two more characters. A girl dressed as a little witch, and a skinny kid like a vampire.
Thanks for your comment.

Maybe a face peering creepily out of the window at the child? Might save time over a full figure.

Ok Ranger910, this is a good idea! I’ll make a child in a cage, as I said before. I’ll take a model I made earlier.
Thank you for comment.

I guess I’ll have to redirect the witch’s angle of view. The scene is looking like the 60’s?

She’s looking right now.

That’s all I did today … argh!
Now we have a girl. She will be scared or suspicious about what is happening.
Let’s get to work … tomorrow.

nice work, very complex scene!:yes: