House of Spooks Intro

Here’s my latest video for Halloween 2015 (Ya, don’t mind the voices. Had to do them all myself) Anyway this video was made in Blender3d using Cycles at 30FPS (A first and most likely last time) A few parts I can tell I rushed but time was running out, and I still have 2 more parts to do before the end of this month. Tell me what you guys think.

I really like it! The articulation of the characters was jerky at some points. 4 stars.

I have to agree with you. If the whole Kinect/Blender thing was working for me. I would have mo-cap all of the animation. However, because of time constraints and having to do everything Keyframed some scenes were bad. Thanks for the comment though :slight_smile:

Okay, the last story doesn’t look like it’s going to get done. The person incharge of it has a full time job and couldn’t find the time to complete it. So with out further Ado. I did get the ending done and was given permission to post it. Enjoy :slight_smile: