House of Stairs

Here’s something I decided to try for fun. If there’s a layout of this thing on the Internet somewhere kindly direct me to it, because I had to scale up one of the stairs to make it meet both platforms. It could be hidden better, but at least you’re looking down on it, so it’s not terribly obvious. I don’t think the exact dimensions are possible, so I’m leaving the layout as is (close enough, I say) and starting on the little roller dudes. :slight_smile: If someone could direct me to some good tuts on texturing something to look rocky, I’d love it. Right now it’s a cheap old procedural texture just to keep it from looking plain. It still needs some details, like better/more doors.

Once the little dudes are done, I’m thinking of animating it. :stuck_out_tongue: Run, run, run, little fellows! :wink:



I agree with that, the basic modeling very closely resembles the work itself.

Cool rendering when it’s finished.
I know the picture you’re trying to recreate. The little animals are called (i believe) “wentelteefjes” . If you’re not from The Netherlands, i would really like to hear you say their name :smiley:

well, you know what i mean.

Yeah, wentelteefjes. There was some page about them, and some drawings etc of them. Don’t know where anymore tho. But I love Eschers work! Very cool made! May I ask you how?

Did you actually modelled the curved floor/wall/ceiling thing at the background or is it a camera effect?

Looks good. I’m guessing you used the original as a reference? Would be nice to see your own take on it though.

It’s a camera effect. I actually made a nice rectangular room that’s completely unremarkable from a modeling perspective; it’s just got a panoramic view.

“Wentelteefjes”, eh? I think I’ll stick with calling them “critters”. :slight_smile: But here’s the start of a wentelteefj …

Looks awesome! CAn’t wait for it to be animated :smiley:

sorry for bugging you guys…
their original dutch name was that… %|

wow, it looks really nice…

could you (perhaps) give some details on how you did the camera effect?


This helped. Thanks for the comments everyone. :slight_smile: