House of the flying dagger

Hi everyone, here is my new wip.
I’m trying to make a dagger inspired from the movie “the house of the flying daggers”.
I decided to start this to improve my texturing skills (i need it %| ).
My goal is not to make the perfect one, exactly like those in the movie (too hard !) but to make something quite close from them.

Ref pic (quite blurry but i couldn’t do better):

And what i have so far (the outline comes from the png and alpha channel, i think …):

The scene is not finished, i will add some trees behind, and the lightning will be better (at least i hope).

I’m waiting for your critics (especially on the texture).

looks good. you could just try to put your dagger over the one that is in ther already and just make it a tad bigger so the original doesnt show through. then you just need to work on lighting and maybe make yours darker

Is that reference pic from the movie? Your model looks just about as good already, IMO.

The blade texture is good, the wrapping texture on the main part of the handle isn’t quite so good, it’s not clearly defined and it’s hard to tell what it is.

sadrobot: you want me to put my render over the ref pic to see the size differences ? In that case it is no need becuase i used the ref pic in blender and the modelling is really simple. I wanted to work on a easy mesh.
Thanks anyway.

thelonesoldier How can i improve the handle part ? it is supposed to be a leather part, should i add some nor ?
Here my texture and the original unwrap :

Thank you

I love the blade, the handle needs more texture work though.
The gold parts don’t look metalic enough. (Not shiny enough)
The wrap on the handle needs some bumpmapping. I do like
the look of the wrap, it just needs to look a little more defined.

It would also be nice to see some flaws/nicks in the weapon
or even some darker spots (tarnish)
right now it looks to perfect.

Maybe even some wear on the design on the blade.

Its a great start though.

For the metal reflections, I set up a ray mirror channel but there is nothing to reflect right now!

I take note for the bumpiness on the handle.

And for the flaws on the blade, i had a lot of troubles in doing something and it was really crappy :-? Any advices ?

Thanks again.

The texture of the wrap on the handle looks like you made dark brown strips over a light brown color. Instead of making strips, it should be a series of gradients, since it’s a wrapped thing. It also needs more contrast. That’s not a good explanation and I don’t know how to explain it better, I’m sorry :-?