House of Wood & Stone

Updated - Color Adjustment, and “Orinoco” correction, thanks :wink:
Modelled in Blender 2.45 and rendered with Yaf(a)ray :yes:
1 sun with Sunsky background + 1AO pass.
Model inspired by a magazine picture.

Hmmm, honestly I think thats friggin awesome…furthermore I cant even figure out if its all CG or part photoshopped (like house is CG outside environnement is photo).

Technically it’s great. Design-wise, I’d prefer a slimmer design – less blocky and heavy and sort of industrial looking. The building appears to me almost as some sort of public facility – washroom, possibly – rather than a house.

But that’s just my impression;)

The render is great, and seamlessly mixed with the photo (if there is one). The people are addid in really well too.

Well, the girl sitting on the deck is casting a shadow in a different direction than the deck chair, so there’s some compositing going on.

Who says there’s only one sun?:stuck_out_tongue:

From a technical point if view that is a great render. I concur with all praises said here, but don’t you know, that a house with a flat roof is an accident waiting to happen? :stuck_out_tongue:

well it is a summer home i assume lolz so no cave ins xD
oh but dude those people KEEP MY ATTENTION I AM LIKE TRIPPIN BALLS XD (south park)
u modelled those people?

Thanks all for comments.
Thanks Orinoco, shadows are ok now.