House on a island

this is my first image with a self made texture. my skills with photoshop arent good so i could use some C&C on the texture and hints to improve it.

i didnt spend much time modeling so i am making real doors and windows now.

here it is:

Looks nice so far, but you may want to texture the island part and put some waves in the water.

yeah, u should defenitly texture the island…
as for the photoshop part, try to overlay a layer on top to make some dirt and break the repetitive aspect of the stone by putting randomly some bigger stones

keep working, great start

I’m guessing you are going for cartoon-like texturing here - in which case the brickwork is OK.

However, even in a cartoon it doesn’t make sense to have a window placed so that it seems to be cut through individual bricks. I’m no good at texturing, but I would say you should model a hold for the window to be placed into and then UV-map the textures so that the bricks somewhat line up with the edges of the hole.


Maybe you should change it from a house on an Island to a Ligthhouse on an island.

Just a thought…


i see no light :-? . also this is an old thread. i am making something else now.

It’s only been 6 days – not even a week and what I ment was perhaps you should concider making a lighthouse. You can often see a lighthouse on an island of that size and the lighthouse is almost what you have with the window in the roof.

Basically take away the roof and add a big light – Lighthouse is what you would have…?