House on forest critique

(victorvdr9) #1

Hi all! I would appreciate so much any critique on this scene I’m working on.
I feel that something is not working. Color magement maybe? :thinking:

What do you think?


Better color grading could help, But I feel the ground feels a little bare. Perhaps more foliage and better texturing could help? I suggest looking at reference images of this type of environment if you haven’t already. But it’s a good start! :slightly_smiling_face:

(victorvdr9) #3

Hi! Thank you so much. Maybe I went too far with color grading… And yep! I will try to add more density but my pc is gonna die :tired_face: I think I will try other compositions too. Any tips on colorgrading?


Well, to keep your render times lower, try to use billboard trees and plants for the further away background stuff, just make sure to keep it varied, otherwise it all looks a little too similar. As far as color grading goes…
I don’t know! :sweat_smile: For me, it usually is a lot of trial and error messing with the sun lamp color, world color/Hdri, and compositing nodes. I recently started using a lot more rgb curve nodes to control hdri and overall image color in the compositor. Just experiment and try different things until you start to get something your really happy with!

(victorvdr9) #5

Thank you mate! Really helpfull!

(C_Campbell) #6

move the camera in closer add some rocks and put some shrubbery on the the side of the house for the Knights who say “Ni.”

(GarageFarm.NET) #7

Great start.
I feel like there’s something a bit off with scaling. I mean the textures on the house (the wood and concrete)
they feel too big for my eye.

And the grass seems a bit too clumpy revealing a pretty flat looking ground.
Also it seems really high which is odd - if the conditions are so harsh that the grass is clumpy and scarce how come it’s grown so high? (just compare it with the doors…)

the trees look really cool and i like the light hitting just parts of the image. you could crank it up even more playing with the cool shadows and warm light thing…

Keep blending
Jarek D(DJ)

(victorvdr9) #8

Thank you! I’ll try to put some rocks over there. Now I have to manage it in postproduction so… it will be hard :sweat:

(victorvdr9) #9

Hi Jarek! I’ll try to fix as much as I can in postpro. I wanted to visualize like a prety virgin forest, and the house is sorrounded by pebles.
For the textures I was looking references for the concrete and scale but not for wood so probably you are right :sweat_smile:
Thank you for your good eye catching!

(victorvdr9) #10

Hi! Here are 3 shots of the scene. I tried to apply your critiques but it’s a bit difficult doing postprocess (I can’t render again :sweat:)
Played a bit with the color grading and added some depht that I think it helps as well as the density of the nature.
Thank you so much for your critiques guys, helped a lot!

(José Ramírez) #11

I would improve a bit the grass/bushes, making them less dense and height in the borders of where there are bushes and where there aren’t.
And I would improve the ground, adding some little stones and diversity of debris, leaving this at first sight so soft rocky surface.
But the illumination is AWESOME.
Your work demonstrates that Cycles is really powerful in the exteriors…In the right hands. :wink:

(victorvdr9) #12

Thank you so much for your critiques. I will keep it in mind for future projects.
Illumination is one of my favourite stages :slight_smile: thanks!
Have a nice day!