House On Haunted Hill WIP

Since i havn’t done buildings or landscape before, i thought i’d try one out.
This is from the horror movie ‘‘House On Haunted Hill’’
As you can see, it isn’t much at the moment. (Hence Work in progress section.)

I wanted to try and duplicate the screen shot (below my render). So this is render is me blocking out the shot and general locations of the models.

What i need to do is figure out how to make clouds, then i need to tweak the windows and add some more of them aswell.
But the most important thing i need to figure out how to do is rocks, since this building is built into the side of a cliff face. Any help with that would be very much welcome.

Changed the image above.

heres is a simple tutorial on making clouds with 2.5. Don’t know which version you’re using but 2.5 will give you better results. Anyways, you got the basic shape down. Looks like you just need textures now and some good lighting, maybe post process effects. good luck!

Great job!, cant wait to see how you make the rocks…i need to know that to lol

Just trying out cloud/colour combinations. What do you think?

I think those clouds match well to a ‘haunted’ scene.

Looking good maybe the cliff could be a little bit jaggier.

Colors look good but right now it looks like there is no sun. The whole sky seems to have the same ‘dimness?’, one part of the sky should be brighter than the other to show where the sun is.