House on Lublin outskirts

I just finished visualisations of a house designed by 081 Architects.
Blender+Cycles+denoising. 1200-3000 samples per image. If you have any technical questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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And last one

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Good work! the lighting is great. I liked the touch with the mist and the god rays in the trees at the back as well.
does it really necessary to use so many samples when you use denoiser as well? I’ve seen that the denoiser gives a smooth and clean renders even with only 100 samps, wonderful new feature the denoiser… Only I wish it would have worked with cycles bake as well, I was counting on that … :frowning:

@BigMouse In case of exterior evening-night renders with glass and light inside a builidng I usually need at least 2000 samples. Maybe 3000 is too much, but I left these scenes to render overnight, so I set them to higher sample rates than necessary, just in case :slight_smile:

Yeah I see what you mean… anyway it looks great and perfectly smooth, I guess the days of grainy renders and fireflies are over…:smiley:
i was just wondering, do you post-process the renders in Photoshop or anything or is it as-is from cycles?

@BigMouse 2 first images have mist and color correction added in Blender, 2 last used some Photoshop magic for godrays :wink: