House Room

I started that a few weeks ago, and randomly decide to hop back to it and finish it. So I moved some of the chairs around, added the paintings and the mirror, and made the window. I’m interested as to what you all have to say about it. I want to know what I could add or fix before I render this thing in Full GI with the highest settings. =P

Can someone tell me how to make windows w/ glass that light can go through? I tried transparent planes and the like, but couldn’t get light to come through. I’m using YafRay, if that helps.

Thanks in advance, and note that the art in the frames on the wall aren’t mine.

If you’re going to render with best settings, if you take off “cache” in the “Yafray GI” tab artifacts might go away.

Okay, thanks. I was kinda wondering how to fix that problem.

However, the main problem still remains. I need to find a way of allowing light to travel through a window (I’d be using a plane). I have an idea that might work but don’t know how to set it up. I’m thinking have it so that the light doesn’t “see” the plane, and so it goes straight through it as if though its not even there. Anyone know a fix for this? Thanks in advance.

Its amazing what you can find if you bother to look…

Actually, I did bother to look before posting, otherwise I’d of never have asked. I actually looked here, here, here, searched here, and here, among a number of other places. I couldn’t find it, and figured it’d be easier to ask at a forum where quite a few others had already come across this problem times before. Sorry for taking 5 minutes out of your life. And thank you oh-so-much for your time.

Seriously, thank you, but don’t be so quick to assume that someone hasn’t looked at all. It’s one thing to search for something and another to find. I simply wasn’t looking in the right place, apparently. Simple mistake.

Edit: Oh and nevermind I’ve got it. I’ll post a new pic up whenever I work on it again. I’ve got to work on this Millenium Falcon model for a kid at school first.

Sorry, just thought that when trying to do something in a program you refer to the manual first :wink: