House transforms into dub-box (caravan designed like a VW camper) - WITH BLEND!

OK - now that’s a name with a lot of words in!

and the blendswap link:

The model was based on VW-T1 rigged by suddf, which can be found here:

Added a pic. This was finished a few months ago, but it languished before I posted it here.

Good job, and pretty realistic. Of course, one could tell that it is a CG, but I’ve seen some prime time TV shows with less realistic CG. Me likes!

Thankyou… it was destined for a professional music video, but well, both me and the live action-director were seriously ripped off. I think you’re always going to be able to tell that something like this is CGI, because - well - what else could it be?

The physics were a bit off, and the materials on the house didn’t felt right; you also didn’t make the house cast shadows on the road.

yeah… I did get it done in 3 weeks, though.

I’m just pointing out some of the things that make more obvious it is CG

Thankyou… I thought I managed to add a shadow, It had to be added later. Working on this was a nightmare, so I get a little defensive, which I know I shouldn’t.