House Vilamar

(camara) #1

This is a old project that I did with Luxrender a while ago and now wanted to see what I could do with Cycles.


(camara) #2

Few more images.


(camara) #3

And the last ones.


(marcoso) #4

I like very much your works, very realistic well done i think they miss only some artistic details

(camara) #5

Thanks, glad you like it.

Enviado do meu SM-G310HN através de Tapatalk

(bekic.bojan) #6

Verynice! Could you please give us some thoughts on the two engines fromthe archiviz artist perspective? Which one is faster to work with,user friendly, better with lights and materials, etc…?

(camara) #7

Both renders are very good. Cycles is better integrated into Blender which makes it ready for production, LuxRender is undergoing a renovation and when you get to version 2.0 will be a spectacular rendering engine. It has more render engines options, good for interiors that Cycles struglles to do.
Cycles has a very powerful node sistem where you have to build you materials from scratch wich makes you need know real materials actually work and most people doesnt want think about that and most materials I see arent very good. Also you may find that Cycles gives bad looking glossy reflections for hight values of roughness:
I found the solution in this vídeo:

Said that, I really like both, Cycles for speed and versatile workflow, Lux for photorealistic renders. (This doesnt mean that Cycles is not photorealistc or Lux is not fast and versatile.)

(majid) #8

Very realistic renders, thanks for sharing.

(bekic.bojan) #9

Thank you!

(majid) #10

You encouraged me to try lux render, but it is really slow comparing to some other application. I tried one of sample scenes…

(camara) #11

Hi, majid
Nice to see you here. I know your work since the Kerkythea days.:slight_smile:

If you use the LuxRender classic mode, yes, is still slow. You have to use the new LuxCore rendering core with the new rendering modes. But like I said Luxrender now is a work in progress toward the 2.0 release.
Grab one of the daily buils from here:
And the last LuxBlend addon:
This give acess to last updates. You can get a visual outlook of the new features in the wiki.

Since you also use Sketchup, there is a plugin for Lux:

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #12

Btw. here’s the manual to the LuxCore mode:

(marcoso) #13

How long it takes for every shot?What you mean for new rendering mode Hybrid? gpu+cpu?

(LuxCore Addon Developer) #14

The LuxCore modes. They are either CPU or pure OpenCL engines, e.g. “LuxCore Path”/“LuxCore Path OpenCL”.

(.Pixel) #15

Amazing shots!!! great work!!!

(mirek_snd) #16

Nice shots! I love the colour of the sky and the wood.