House Wip (Updated! Ground added.)

Here is a wip image of a house I am working on.

sweet but it looks as if its flooting lol.

Nice architecture, but :

  • the house seems to be floating ! Have you tried to use of AO ? Or simply add a sunlight (as less as shadows).
  • the glasses need to be more reflective
  • your snow (is it really snow ??) is good enough…a good procedural texture sould fix the shader.
  • your walls need a spec map…since I imagine that holes aren’t as reflective as stones.

Good work at all, but need some improvements :wink:

Good work but maybe you should try some snow on the house (and also on the edges wher it standson the snow)

I really like the way you’ve handled the materials, textures and lighting on the house. It looks like one of those architectural representations. I’m assuming this is what you’re going for here.

Is this house on snow as suggested above?
I thought you just hadn’t done the ground yet. If it’s snow, I think you should probably have some snow at the bottom edges of the house so it doesn’t just look like it’s sitting on a plane.

The snow looks a little more like clouds though. Maybe adding some noise or something as a texture will make it look a little more solid?



Thanks for the comments. I have added the ground (no snow :smiley: ).

What is AO? :expressionless:

AO is ambient occlusion. You can enable it in the world buttons. It is a shadowing technique. Read about it here.

Now that you have a proper environment, you should make the windows reflective. And if the house has an inside, you should also make them transparent.


Thanks for the info on AO. Wow that helps. I guess I need something across the street to reflect in the windows.



wooooooooooooooow i can get outa my house now and go on floor :stuck_out_tongue: very nice.

Thanks Grimreaper :smiley: . Need to check out Their architectural visualization work inspires me. It is awesome.

I am working on improving my skills. MUST BLENDER…