House WIP

In my web page are the WIP of the proyect.

you can see it here:

i will update the WIP soon…

My only things to say are:

  1. That scene is screaming out for lighting.
  2. You should use GLSL materials…it would be goood to normal map tthose walls…and i would advise making the shed actually have little “ridges”.

yes, i am working on it :wink:

GLSL shaders, and shadows (baked) will come up.

new screenshots! :wink:

It remindes me of those house programs we have here in Holland. Nice work.

Cool vid. Feels like want to frag somebody inside there :slight_smile:

Wow! You’ve really made progress with that last video. The textures and lighting really help make it beautiful! A background image and some larger floor textures (so there’s less repeating) would be the icing on the cake.

Nice work!

new video of the progress with shaders…

p.d.: thanks for the comments!! :slight_smile:

dont detail the house walls… u need much textures…

i want to do a photorealistic look. i also are optimizing all.

other video: