House with the pool

Hi everyone,

i just finished my new artwork. It’s a House with the pool. The idea for this work was to create realistic image of a house during so called “Blue Hour”. It’s a hard task to pull off, so i’m asking for your opinion.

For this image i created a couple of models like this beach ball and i also used models which i own from participating in Andrew Price Architecture Academy and from Blendswap.

My main concern is about light and shadow and overall brightness of the image. The question is: Is it enough?

(images are clickable)


I think you’ve done a really good job on this render, pretty much photorealism. Try adding a bit more curve to the puddle in the bottom right, I see that one of the sides appears completely straight.

Wow, that deck is SHINY!
was my first reaction.
Try adding some slight displacement to the puddle, and making it smaller (with curved edges, of course). I’d try looking at Blender Guru’s tutorial on puddles, and you can use a vertex group (or vertex colors) to multiply the puddle texture, and limit the area where puddles appear.

I might have several suggestions for you.

My biggest problem with your scene is the point of interest. I assume it should be the cozy relaxation area next to the pool. However, my eye is incredibely drawn to the bright yellow warm looking room in the backround. I very much like the blueish-yellowish color theme you got going on, but the small lamp on the table just does not provide nearly enough light/warmth/mood to battle the huge glowing room. And to be honest that sort of ruins otherwise good image (to me at least)

Other minor points that annoy me. Often it seems people think about the art and providing detail and forget about the logic. That once again in my opinion can ruin otherwise convincing images. Thus my further thoughts:

  • Is there supposed to be a terrace above the lounge room? Is that supposed to be railing? It’s bellow knee height, that would be a bloody death trap.
  • Ummm, is it really wise to have open electrical outlest right next to a hanging water hose?
  • While those cussions seem comfy, wouldn’t a single splash from the pool soak them? would you have to change from your swimsuit before you sit?
  • Wow that’s a lot of water down there, should I create some sort of drain to make it go away?
  • Where are the people? Are they still there? Did they leave? Without cleaning the trash and taking the cover? Are they in the pool? Shouldn’t there be some flip-flops next to the entrance to the pool then? Where are their towels? Where would they put them anyway?

But then again, I might be the only one who thinks about this… Good image otherwise :slight_smile: I just wanted to help…

Hi, nice notes to my scene.

  • actually really intended point of interest is the house interior. I created pool area with chairs and this small light just to compensate overall blue color of the image.
  • nice point on railing, it’s definitely to small )
  • it’s special outside outlet) Yes, it’s a bit too close to hose but it’s closed with special protectors
  • Those cushions is also special for outdoors. I planned them to be this leathery type material which is okay with water and on which usually you put towel)
  • nice point about the drain.
  • i was thinking that people were arouhd the pool while it was sunset but then it became too dark and cold so they came inside) And yes, they are dirty people were lazy to clean after them)

Heh, lazy bastards, they left the light on too! And it was earth day, not too many days ago :smiley:

Ok, since your point of view really is to be the interior (which I think is great actually) maybe you could think about moving the camera little to the right or something to kind of get this chair area out of the center to downplay them a little. I still think there is slight confusion in what am I supposed to look at. While the ligting clearly suggest to observe the interior, it seems a little hidden behind the wall and we dont really see that much of it. The most promiment object there is the TV which I dont think is that interesting… (unless there was something really good on. :wink: ). Just something to think about…

But to answer your original question. I think the brightness is allright. As I already said I very much like the color palette. I would even consider making the exterior a little darker. With the faint glow of the table lamp at lower left third and the warm welcoming interior on the right it could provide nice contrast to the shimering cold light of the pool. But of course that’s completely up to your consideration, maybe you prefer something more down to earth…

The last observation I have is maybe to have a look at the wooden planks material. It seems to me that the roughnes and glossiness is completely uniform, which looks very fake. Maybe you are going for kind of fake wood, but it feels cheap… And if you played with the UV just a little to make the crack connect with the ceiling.

And that’s it, good luck :slight_smile:

love the general feeling of this! I would agree with previous suggestions on the deck being to shiny, and the railings feeling kinda small. The house interior itself looks great. Overall good potential in this, nice detailing, lighting is great. Some clothing lying next to the pool would be great. Actually, the clutter really helps to sell the image. I wouldn’t remove any of that… in fact I’d experiment with making it more obvious.