uhm dont know wht else to put on this image, any suggestions?

Nice start.
You should at least add a door not only the doorframe.

What about some rocks, bushes, drinking trough, background image, barrel, something for cutting wood, a Harley or a pic-up, some trash etc. ?

An “Inn” sign and a sleeping bum on the doorstep :wink:

Looks great this far.

try a GI dome… (radiosity or fake one, does not matters) to give it more realistic volume.

windows maybe.

I think you should add a small stream and some chinese outdoor lamps.

Nice work…

How about maybe a log fire… I like the stream idea… or stick some Cati around.

Nice model though 8)

For the house itself, I would say add a door. Other than that, for the scene itself I think either some trees (full-sized, wind swept bonzi might be nice), definately some water along the outter edge