Haven’t posted anything for a while. So thought i’d get some crit on a project i’m working on, this is a frame from an animation i’m doing. probably need to turn OSA and AO up a bit though, although the grainy effect is kinda nice.


That is internal or Yafray? Either way it is an awesome render! the Coloring is a little neutral, and the leaves on the tree are too flat and perfect. I recommend using a fake DoF field effect to really bring out the realism. Also add a bump map to the brick.


Thanks, it’s internal with AO. The tree is out of Arbaro, the Aspern with a leave texture UV mapped and alpha, ramp and ztransp. Well over the top for an anim I guess.

Bump maps i just can’t get to work with UV mapped textures, they’re very pronounced if i render with yafray, same for the pavers on the driveway, but with internal they just don’t happen.

DoF i’ll certainly look at. I’m trying to get my head round passes at the mo, the z stuff and masks, so much new stuff to go at.

Love the modern look!
BTW, how long did this one take to render?


render time was 17 minutes, i’m trying to keep it under 30 mins per frame as i’m using Respower’s Silver blender subscription (fantastic value btw) to render out the 2500 frames so far, already rendering leaves on trees out with alpha as seperate frames for comping after to split the job down a bit, although split frame rendering is working for blender now at Respower so that eases the 30mins a bit.

Updated, adjusted it a bit.


If not a lot of the house needs to change, you could bake it it. :] It’s in the CVS and looking beautiful.


Baking yes and passes also, using CVS all the time. By baking are you suggesting i can get render times down by not using AO at final render stage?

i don’t know how to fit baking into the way this model’s set up, i have 5 house types repeated around a development of 20 houses, each house type is a blend file in it’s self no lights or camera only linked materials from a ‘master’ materials blend file i keep all architectural textures / materials in so i can quickly apply them to a new model and know they’ll look ok and if i update a material/texture in the master materials blend, all my house types materials update as well. Saves time and keeps consistency.

Each house blend file is linked into the main site blend where i add lights and camera and render from. So going back to baking AO onto UV mapped textures, i guess i’d have to do that in the house type blend files? Would I need to add lighting to do that? Then as the house types are repeated around a site in different orientations and the lighting setup i’ll render the final stills and anims from is different to that which i used to bake AO onto textures in the house blends, if i then don’t use AO at final render will all the baked textures look right?

I’ve thought about baking but not tried it yet as you can probably tell.

Hmmm. Dunno if it’d work in your case, then. I meant something like a static light-map for the whole map, and then it wouldn’t have to render anything except for reflections and any dynamic shadows.

Thats really good. How did you make the tree leaves?

BlackBoe: Ok, I’m not up to speed with static light maps etc can you expand that a bit or point me in the direction of a website / tutorial explaining how to go about it and the theory behind it.? thanks for your follow up.

Spenn13: The image is a frame from an animation, the model is bigger with 20 houses and 15 trees, what you see in the image is just the camera capturing a part of a whole tree, the tree and leaves are from arbaro a free java tree/bush/plant creator, I’m also using Plant Studio which is free now as well for other foliage. I used a image map of a leave and bark image map for the trunk although it’s probably over the top for an animation but some frames give some nice close ups of the image map and soft shadows of the leaves on the rendered walls of the houses. Thanks.

The reflection on the balcony looks a little strong(hope no one else has said that already…)

imho, the reflecting areas like the window and the balustrade are too clean or reflecting too much. When i looked at your first posted image i though this was a photo your house and you want to render it - but the clean areas gave it away. Nice* work.

thanks for your comments, yes i think so too about the reflections being too clean and i’m looking at doing a seperate reflection pass with blur to improve it. thanks

Hey it reminds me some houses that stand near a nice garden/park in Brugge, Belgium. Maybe the it’s (translated) King Park, something like “koningen garten” in Dutch? (or is it another one?)
Anybody sees what I mean?

Nice picture!

Be well