some time ago that I completed this work he was harboring in my files I would like to share with everyone, hope you like best quality

very nice, the illumination is perfect to me
is it yafaray?

thanks for comment, sorry not add the information
YafaRay, Blender 2.49

Modeling & lighting are very well done. The materials and textures look a little too perfect, could use something to make them just a smidgen less stark & artificial-looking, particularly the whites. Excellent sense of scale throughout the image.

really have some things to improve on the scene, but over time we are learning and this was an early scene that evolves in Yafaray studies, thanks for comment chipmasque

I agree with the other guys. Modeling and lighting are very well done!
But there’s an interior design issue which bothers me a bit: the table and the chairs seem to block the way to the door in the background. At least, I would try to find a better solution if this was my house :wink:

the chair and table are not blocking may be the camera angle that seems to be blocking

:evilgrin: nice work , I see you works hard on this .
But now you have to make it used.
thats makes the difference, curious how you take the challenge,:wink:

What does Yafaray mean? (I’m new)

@OpalCat YafaRay is a external render engine. It’s a program specifically created for the rendering process, and for this reason, is more powerful than blender render engine. Visit for more info

Nice render, but the window UV stands out like as an image, a blur might make it look like we are looking out a window.

I like it… great job

It’s beautiful, but for me there’s too much white in that house. Maybe some pastel colours for the walls where fine :slight_smile:

Good work, I agree with MaryPoppins - too much of white. Like in hospital :slight_smile:
I advise you to add some chaos to this idillia - few stains there, scratch there, dust there.
Chairs around the table are aligned with ruler, rotate it a bit. Steps on the stairs are too polished. Add a few scratches/cracks