Household Living Room (and now various other things)

Hi all… I’m working on the interior of a house… thought I’d share simply what I can show you, so that it may speak for itself and receive whatever feedback it deserves. Critiques, criticisms, congratulations, questions… whatever. Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile: - Soren

one thing I liked were the angles or positions of the shots… something you’ve got to take on but no one really mentions it…

it’s a nice scene… seems pretty decent, the outside view could perhaps be changed so it has distance… I’m not sure of any tricks around this (like unreal’s skybox technique)…

the wood textures do look alittle… flat,blurred,bleak? bump out the books and the light fixture aswell and you’ll be heading the in the right direction (in my simpleton view)

You’ve done an excellent job at modeling and texturing so far. When you put the same effort into the lighting that will put your renders over the top (only my opinion). Maybe a strong light coming in from the window in the first render?

Good job. I really like the second render.

One question is the wood paneling procedural or UV mapped?


Thank you for pointing this out. I now realize that I have been a bit lazy with those books… it’s really just a single cube with an image mapped onto it, but I really SHOULD make separate books and bump them out. It would definitely improve the image. I’ll see what I can do with the wood… I also will be spending more time on the exterior… I appreciate that you pay attention to cinematography/photography… I really wasn’t expecting that. :smiley:


The wood paneling on the walls are image textures. :slight_smile: I really should get some more practice with UV mapping… As for the lighting, I know – I’m really anxious to see what it looks like with more unique lighting. I’ll get around to that soon!

With exterior lighting, a road and some rain… table wood changed, interior lighting cut.

hey I’m seeing alot more atmosphere now… and don’t think just because you’ve made it dark is the only way…

the outside portion is adding some ‘depth’ to the picture… as in more to the world than we can see… so our minds make up more than is actually there ‘adding’ to the picture…

if you could make a small anim doing a small peak around the house with some rain and ambience we could check out the room more… that’s when you get close to finishing it though

Very nice environment, i have yet to avchive something that looks so good!!!

Do you think you could do a whole house, and then fly the camera through… i think that would look sweet, start in the yard or something… :wink:

Anywayz, nice work!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

OH dear no curtains or blinds! hopefully you don’t have peepers in your virtual world…
i like your carpet a lot, only if it were slightly a different shade cause it could be concrete or carpet, but that’s really up to the viewer

I LOVE your furniture it looks comfy do you have a nice fabric texture on it… if not it looks like you do from the angles i’ve seen.

Hey, thanks guys! I’m actually planning on developing at least two rooms and an exterior, so you may just get that fly-thru. :wink:

I’ll try changing the carpet color here, it sounds like a good idea.

I guess I’ll put two and two together for you here and say that this is going to be an environment in my WIP animated short, Fugue. I’d really appreciate any feedback you can give me to help me make it really sweet looking. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve modeled a light fixture now, I’ll put it in the house soon…

any comments? toss em at me! :smiley:

looks as the last image has some ‘normals’ - problems, select the mesh and get into edit mode (TAB) and select the whole inner mesh with A-key, and then hit ALT+N (I think CTRL+N will do the trick too) and the a dialouge says something like… “do normal outside?” and click yes, and then close the edit mode with TAB key again…

and then it should be fixed :slight_smile: good luck!

Hm… I recalculated the normals and the image appears to be the same. My texture must be a bit confusing… are you talking about the imperfections all over the surface? or perhaps it’s the lighting… there is the dark edge along the back side… thanks for the tip anyway, please clarify if you can. :slight_smile:


okey, if you like I can take a check on your model (.blend-file) when I come home (not at home until 4 hours or so…) if you like… if then…you can send me the model to: [email protected]

Also started working on a door frame… seen here:

once again, any feedback is welcome

Hey Soren!

I have now looked into the .blend-files of yours !

It seems that it is your UV mapped textures that makes the artifacts, so if you want to get rid of those, you must clean up the textures from these painted areas, it seems to me that it was painted to know where the modeled areas shall be…but this is just a idea, but if you really want to get rid of the artifacts, Clean Up the Textures :wink: !!

well, good luck!!

Just checking… is this what you mean?

there is much that I can do to change the appearance of this object

yes, this is what I mean, but you probably need to do more subdividing at that area anyway…to make it smoother :slight_smile:

play with the thought :wink:

your work never ceases to amaze me… great work… your objects are turning out better and better… but my question is, will you be that close the the lightbulb to notice how rough that tiny spot is?

)Thanks for all your help, ztonzy!

DMBadCat, you have a good point… I probably won’t get that close to it, but detail is important to me nonetheless. Thanks for the compliment, too. :slight_smile:

Here’s a few updates:

A wall socket…

Subdivided the light fixture a lot more…
(maybe that sharpish area can be a dent from the screw being hammered in or something) :stuck_out_tongue:

ooo! speaking of which, you should have those little scratches and scrapes that comes from who knows where! you know, the kind that just show up without your knowing…

you’re welcome Soren!

it looks much better now !!

okey…there’s still some dents or dark areas, but much better now, creases can be a pain in the arse sometimes… :wink:

would be cool to see it all finished :slight_smile: