Houses on a sphere with particle system

I am placing big houses on the Earth (Sphere) with Hair particle system. Everything looks ok until I animate a rotation on the Sphere. Then the individual houses stay in place but also do a local rotation on its face normal axis. How can I avoid this house rotation so they stay fixed in position?

No.1 CO2 Fabrikker.rar (778.3 KB)

How about making the houses real and joining them with sphere?

Thank you. That is a workaround that can work. Just have to apply same scaling and rotation animation to both objects. And and copy the animation keyframes from earth to houses. But this got me into a whole lot of new problems with individual objects and scaling/rotating. I just solved it with avoiding rotation in the first place. Here is blender file after animation. :slight_smile:
No.1 CO2 Fabrikker.rar (667.2 KB)